SBS's "The Feed" Lolita Fashion Documentary

Chiffon Rose was recently featured in a documentary about Lolita Fashion in Australia on SBS 2. Such a short piece could not encompass all elements of the lolita subculture so I would like to share our experiences with you.

lolita fashion documentary

For those who are new to 'Lolita': this fashion subculture has a cute, charming aesthetic with an emphasis on luxurious detailing and fabrics. Emerging in Japan as an interpretation of western historical fashion, it has now evolved into an internationally recognised substyle which encompasses a spectrum of vibrant, creative looks such as gothic, classic and sweet. It is a fun, expressive fashion and available to anyone! 

Some Lolita Fashion wearers have fun by wearing their frilly clothes with their friends and meet up every so often. Some cities also have established societies that facilitate meetups and those societies are available for any wearer of Lolita fashion to join up through word of mouth, websites or social media groups.  

There is nothing secretive about this whimsical fashion subculture. We estimate there are about 1000 lolitas in Australia at the moment. A small percentage are 'brolitas'.

The SBS crew also documented a photoshoot at our home studio. 

SBS the feed the secret lives of lolita chiffon rose shop documentary

Work in progress!

SBS the feed the secret lives of lolita chiffon rose shop documentary

SBS the feed the secret lives of lolita chiffon rose shop documentary

Reviewing our photos

The results of the photoshoot were absolutely stunning! Here are a couple of examples below. 

SBS the feed lolita documentary the secret lives of lolita chiffon rose shop

The Filming Process took around 4-5 intense hours where we covered the history of lolita fashion, motivations for wearing it and aesthetics. Our dialogue did not make it to the final cut of the documentary but we hope to get a simple message across - Lolita fashion is fun and expressive. People wear it for many different reasons: as glamorous armour, a confidence booster, self-expression or just the same as everyday wear.

In case you missed the documentary, here it is! 

""When I wear Lolita I feel more feminine; it’s like armour in a way. It just gives you a feeling of confidence.”Patrick Abboud goes behind the closed doors of Lolita subculture. #TheFeedSBS
Posted by SBS 2 on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

For a more thorough, cohesive look at Lolita Fashion you may wish to watch the following documentary above created by wearers of the fashion!

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