A brief history of the Book Brooch

Mulberry Chronicles original Book Brooch design

New Mulberry Chronicles accessories have arrived at Chiffon Rose including signature Book Brooches. The designer shared a little background into the history and development of this design:

I thought you might like to know a bit about how the Book Brooch idea came about and evolved. From 2012-2014 my illustration focused in gouache painting and prismacolour (rough concept paintings dated 2014 - top left). Japanese brands were releasing beautiful library prints and I was incredibly inspired. 

Following this I started testing out a fabric print which went to swatch stage in early 2015 (top right). It featured falling books with titles including “Natural History of the World” and the Rabbit Scholar🐰 It was my first print illustrating digitally with a little wacom bamboo tablet and a very slow laptop. I showed it to my friends, family and other designers in the area and decided that there was not enough detail being captured by the equipment or fabric for it to go ahead. I decided to keep testing the idea in accessory form (bottom left) with many bubbly and mutant trials and errors (although I still want to try a Poe and mustard book!). The finished product released under “The Royal Library” collection that June. I later upgraded to a Cintiq drawing tablet and brand new speedy computer! 

This allowed a lot more brush strokes to register creating a finished product with more depth and character (middle bottom row). The theme continued with more titles and colourways. Better, faster equipment and experience allowed me to play around more with the book covers and details 

In summary, the design is a reminder of the wonder and magic of books as well as a little symbol of my journey as an illustrator over the past few years. 📚

Thankyou for reading! We can't wait to share more book related designs with you! 

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